About Bar Life

About Barlife

Welcome to Barlife, the website devoted to showcasing and promoting small bars and bar culture all across Sydney. We’ll provide you with details on where you can find Sydney’s best small bars, cocktail bars and drinking dens, along with extensive photo galleries of each venue and some information about what you can expect at each bar featured here on Barlife.  We’ll also bring you regular news and updates from the bar scene along with commentary on drinking trends that are taking place in small bars right across the country.

Barlife is different from all the other websites in that we offer you information rather than opinion. Extensive photo galleries of many Sydney small bars along with an insight to the ‘fabric’ of each bar will give you a good idea of the essence and ethos behind each small bar, so that you can decide where to go on your night out.  Barlife launched with Sydney small bars and very soon we’ll expand to include Melbourne and Perth small bars with the aim of Barlife becoming a truly national small bar and boutique pub directory.

Barlife: the place to go, when you’re looking for a place to go!


Cocktail of the Month:  The Negroni

The Negroni truly is one of the heavy-weights in the world cocktail scene. This Italian classic was first conceived in a bar in Florence in 1919 after Count Camillo Negroni asked a bartender to substitute the soda in his Americano with gin, and hence the Negroni was born. Italy is not a country renowned for drinking or cocktail culture, but this is a stand out and is the perfect aperitif and even better as a night cap.


  • 30ml Campari
  • 30ml Sweet vermouth
  • 30ml London dry gin


Pour into a glass and stir before adding a large block of ice and garnish with an orange peel. Let the drink sit for a few moments before drinking as the ice slowly melting into the drink really makes this ‘age’ very well in the glass

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Latest News:  Sydney Lockout Laws

We’ve all heard about the problems notorious night spot Kings Cross has suffered since the horrific deaths of two young guys that were in the district and killed fatally with ‘one punch’attacks. The NSW parliament moved quickly to introduce tough, many would say too tough, alcohol laws that severely restricted the selling of alcohol after midnight and banning sale of alcohol after 3am in the Kings Cross and CBD areas.

The introduction of the ‘lock-out’ laws were also part of these reforms, which prohibited the entry of anybody into a bar or club after 1:30am. There has been plenty of discussion and debate about the effectiveness of these laws and in addition there has been plenty of (heated) discussion about the fairness of these new laws and how they apply to small bars and restaurants.

Fortunately not too many small bars in Sydney are licensed to open past midnight, so the effects of the new laws weren’t too harsh for small bar owners, but some restaurants in the area were furious that drinks had to be served in plastic cups after 10:30pm. Imagine ordering a $80 bottle of wine to go with your late night dinner, for it to be served in a plastic glass! There was little common sense being applied  to these new laws.

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